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Mike Gardner
41 years old
Join Date: 10-27-2008
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Year & Model  
1945 CJ2A
134 go devil
Transfer Case  
Model 18
Front Axle  
Dana 30
Rear Axle  
Dans 44
Gear Ratio  
Superlift 1" lift springs 3/4 shackles
31x9.50 Super Swamper TSL Radials
Stock 1950's CJ5 15's
M8000 Warn winch, schackles, tow strap, axe and
shovle, ww2 body side handles
Home made, Rhino lined tub, fenders and tail gate
Recovery Equpt.
Future Mods  
Future mods are made if something breaks.
Audio, CB, & Electrical
Tires & Wheels
Transfer Case

i've been a Jeep owner since 1997. Im
currently a sales guy at a dealer in
Aberdeen Md. I sell only new and used
Jeeps. I am a AEV turn key dealer as well
as parts wholesaler and retailer. I hate
car salesmen! I'm not one. I'm a service
guy that got forced into sales because I
know to much. In 1997 I got my first
4.0 YJ (91) rolled and totaled it. To
replace the 1991 in 1998 i got a 4.0 1994
on 6"s and 35's. In 2005 the 1994 was
in a really bad accident when someone made
a illegal u-turn in front of me. I
replaced my 1994 with a really clean stock
1995 Sahara. I put a 2" Rubicon
Express Extreme Duty with 32X9.50R15 BFG
All Terrains. After that in 2007 I
bought a 2007 Jk unlimited rescue green. I
proceeded to destroy that Jeep at a few
Jeep Jamborees at Snowshoe Mt. That Jeep
had a 2" BB rock sliders I built
myself and rubicon take off tires.
Next I traded the 07 in on a white
2010. On this jeep I put a 2" Bds,
Hanson front bumper, Rancho rear bumper
and a set of Rubicon take off BFG MUDs.
But 13 months later the 2012 came
out..... I finished my 1945 cj2a in May
of 2011. This jeep is my daily driver and
I wheel it once week. I've takin it
through some really nasty stuff and over
some rocks as big as the jeep. It's never
let me down. It's a 1945 and is just as
reliable as my Jk. The 3.8 in the 2010
Jk just could not and would not pull the
3500 lbs it was said to pull so I without
a second thought traded that Jeep in on a
new 2012 Jk Unlimited Sahara Tan. I was
lucky because I loved the color but Tan
was only painted for one month in 2012. On
this Jeep I've put a 2" BDS Hanson
front bumper and Rancho rear. I added the
AEV snorkel as well as AEV builders
corners. I recessed milspec LED tail
lamps, added thumb nail while LED back up
lamps and was lucky enough to get a set of
iSteer fog lamps from I
have this Jk sitting on 33X9.50R17 BFG
km2's with Milspec Jeep J8 steel wheels.
Because I have a small toy addiction I've
also mounted a gun turret to the roll bar
and a passenger door scissor swing mount
for a SAW M249. The roof turret hold a
Browning 50cal Ma-Duce. If that wasn't
enough I really missed my YJ's I owned in
the past. So I found a 1995 YJ 4.0. It
belonged to one of my customers and he
couldn't decide to trade it in or build it
into a rock buggy. I convinced him that it
was to clean to cut up and he should sell
it to me. So he did. Lol he had already
put a 4.5 Rubicon express Extreme duty
with SYE Tom woods drive shafts and
33X12.50 Goodyear MTR Kevlar's. the jeep
is auto but I could care less. It has a/c
and every top available for the YJ. So
as for now is sit as a 3 jeep owner.
There's always things you want to change
or build. I can say I'm very happy looking
at, driving and wheeling these 3 jeeps
just the way they sit. But as we all know
every Jeep is a project. Projects never
end. :)

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45 2A 95 YJ,
Jankel Tactical Systems Northeast ser/mikeg576

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07/29/2009 7:15 PM

Got your message. Congrats on the job. I really appreciate the offer. I may just take you up on that. Did you get a chance to go to PA for the All Breed Jeep Show? -Adam

11/15/2008 1:18 PM

Hey Mike, right now I would like to lightly mod this Jeep. This is my first jeep. Not sure I knew what I was getting into with this one. I have very little to no mechanics skills. Learn as I go and ask a lot of questions. When I bought this jeep I did not realize the windshield frame was off a 76 and newer. I have been having a tough time find a 74 that won't put me in the poor house. I did find one however,not sure if it will work until it is blasted. We shall see. I love the look of the older Jeeps but man to they suck the dollars right out of you. I would like to lifted and put 33's on it. My main project is the engine. Function before fashion. I need to get it running again. The body is in good shape and I just herculined the tub. I will send you my email. I do not think I will be making snowshoe in July. My wife and I have a baby due june 13th. Later-Adam

11/14/2008 1:41 PM

I am in Perryhall. This is my first Jeep. It is o/s now. I need to replace the manifold and clean out the carb. How long have you owned jeeps for?

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