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I'm obsessed with all things Jeep.

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Date: 05/09/2009


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Year & Model  
2008 JK Wrangler
Transfer Case  
Front Axle  
Rear Axle  
Gear Ratio  
3.5" Rubicon Express suspension lift
35" Pro Comp Extreme All Terrain tires
17" Pro Comps
Super Chip (not sure if I like yet)... Rugged
Ridge dash organizer (damn I love it)
Future Mods  
winch/lockers/m16 super swampers
Audio, CB, & Electrical
Uniden Pro510XL
Tires & Wheels
Transfer Case

My first Jeep. My love.




"Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh Colorado" --John Fuggin' Denver

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01/19/2011 4:42 PM

Bitchin' Jeep!

08/02/2010 10:41 PM

Hey! Hows the trip north going? That was a real bummer you couldn't make it to Telluride :( I really was looking forward to meeting you and hanging out. We did have an amazing time anyway "man you weren't kidding about the scenery around there!!!" but it would have been even better if you were there. We did Imogene to Governor's Basin then back the same way the first day and Black Bear Backwards the second day. Then we went off on our own that same day and did Ophir then up to Clear lake and back over Imogene in the dark at 11:00 PM LOL I also ended up spending all 4 nights camping on Alta Lakes which is an amazing place. That makes 38 days of camping for me in the past 3 months. Monday we spent bumming around town. I hope all is going well on your end with everything. I guess I am going to have to drive to Alaska if I want to see you now lol Ohh well its on the list for the next five years anyway, I have to build my bus/camper before that one though. Anyway I am rambling again... Have a good drive and enjoy the hell out of Alaska you lucky dog! Shoot me a IM on AIM someday when you are settled in and have nothing to do... like that ever happens in Alaska ;) PS I was wondering do you have a Facebook? Here is mine... p?id=660807785#!/profile.php?id=66 0807785

06/09/2010 3:06 AM

Woah wait wait is it just me or according to your sig did you get a 3.5" lift and 35s installed on your jeep already???!!! I guess you are getting ready for Telluride! Come on girl post up some pics I bet that JK looks sweet! The whole Telluride job fell through for my boss so he ended up with a job here in Maob instead. So I wont be living there but I will still definitely be coming. I cant wait, its already getting into the 100s here. It will be so nice to get into the mountains and out of the heat. I am looking forward to meeting you and having a great weekend with everyone there!

04/21/2010 12:19 AM

Hey Dezi, hows life? Guess what... I just ordered my ticket to the Clemson Drive tonight! So I am 100% in now. I was hoping to catch you on AIM one of these nights to get some hotel recommendations from ya as well as ask a few other questions. The funny thing is I might not need it because I might be living and working in Telluride then... don't ask how that happened LOL. Anyway I hope all is well with you and I will talk to you soon ;)

03/08/2010 10:40 PM

Hey, whats new? I have been on AIM some these days but haven't caught you online yet. Any new developments on the Jeep or the Alaska trip? Hope all is well... ttul Dax

02/08/2010 1:36 AM

Yep... I know kind of a different name. My Dad heard it in a cowboy movie and liked it so that's where it came from. I like it even though no body can ever seem to pronounce it right lol That's awesome you are driving the jeep up... that's going to be a fun drive! I am jealous, I love road trips. You said you have spent a lot of time out east, where abouts? It would be great to come up and see Alaska, Denali, and hang out with you! I never though I would know anybody in Alaska before I actually went up there. Maybe I could even save up enough extra cash and we could go heli skiing/boarding :) Ohh and yeah a hard top would probably be a good idea up there. Thanks for the comment on the Cherokee. I was actually originally going to get a Wrangler but I got a real good deal on the Cherokee at the time. Plus I figured I would have more cargo space to pack camping stuff and other gear. That was back before the came out with the 4dr Wranglers. The Cherokee has a 3" OME lift on it now which is going to be replaced by a 6.5" Rough Country long arm lift and 33s which I just bought. You said you are going to get a 3" Teraflex lift right? Nice brand! Any idea when?...when you get back from Alaska? After Alaska you will have to come down here and I can give you a tour of Moab. You will have the time of your life... this area is just so amazing. I think I could spend the next 20 years exploring within 100 miles of here and never get bored! Anyway big old comment lol My AIM is DaxClifford if you ever want to chat sometime. Talk to you later.

01/28/2010 9:53 PM

LoL well it was more the dark lighting but that does make it harder to concentrate ;) Haha Big Bruce nice name! Yeah my mom has the same exact jeep except a hard top. I like the soft tops better, much easier to take off! It will be sweet to see when you get the lift on you are planning. JK's look awesome lifted! Also nice color choice... my favorite. As far as Alaska you are right, I can't pass up Denali plus the whole state is just amazing. Where in Alaska are you moving? It would probably be a few years before I could make it up there but I really want to do it. That's cool you board... I have wanted to try it sometime to see what its like but I have yet too. I don't think I would be very good at it for some reason. Do you go to a lot of Colorado resorts? That's another thing I would love to do sometime but probably will never be able to afford, heli skiing! Especially up there in the Chugach Range. I grew up in Connecticut but spent all the time I could in Vermont and Hew Hampshire hiking and skiing, especially in the Mount Washington NH area. Anyway good luck with the move, are you driving the jeep up? Talk soon, later.

01/23/2010 10:21 PM

I sure wish I could! I am a mountain person... I just love being in the mountains. Also I back country ski so that's like the best of both worlds. My buddy and I have been dreaming about taking a trip up there for a long time. I bet you are going to be able to get to some awesome places around there with the jeep! You should come out to Moab in the spring or fall... the weather is much nicer then. I am not really a hot weather person myself since I grew up in New England. You could always come out for Easter Jeep Safari, that's a fun event to go to! I looked up the Clemson Drive and I might just have to go. I have wanted to see that area for a while especially Black Bear Pass. It would be cool to get out of the desert heat for a weekend in July... the whole tour sounds like a good time. By the way your jeep is awesome! Is it a 4dr? I can't tell from the pic.

01/21/2010 2:19 AM

Hey I just sent ya a fried request. I just had to since I saw you were a fellow Van Halen fan! They have been one of my favorite bands for many years! It's hard to even find people who like classic rock anymore. The music scene these days is getting SCARY. I just moved about 25 miles north of Moab last year. So I will say the same thing I say to everyone... if you are ever in the area and want someone to wheel with let me know. It's always fun wheelin with new folks from here and other places. Ohh and that's awesome you are going to school in Alaska! That's one place I have to go before I die.

09/20/2009 4:34 PM

wish i could have went

09/19/2009 12:34 AM

Telluride is nice, my mom actually lived in Liberty Bell (which isn't there anymore) for a while when she was a kid. Are you familiar with it? I'm kind of partial to pagosa and silverton. I couldn't be happier when I go wandering off into the backcountry. I'd so like to see a waterfall right now......nope, not gonna happen! haha

09/18/2009 8:54 PM

Yes I'm jealous! I'm in the SE corner of kansas which is about 12 or so hours east of you. I don't get the chance to get out that way near as much as I'd like. I've had thoughts of loading up the Jeep and just running away to the mountains one of these days, haha. Do you ever go exploring any of the passes or ghost towns?

09/18/2009 12:07 AM

Awesome, of course I know where pueblo is! I bypass it everytime I go from la junta to walsenburg, via hwy 10....boring road! It must be awesome to live out there, I'm definitely jealous, haha.

09/16/2009 8:24 PM

What part of Colorado are you in? I love getting out there but it doesn't get to happen often enough. I call the SW part my "home", haha.

07/15/2009 3:07 AM

thanks sweety u ever come up to wyoming i know thare r so good trails up here thanks

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